Friday, December 3, 2010

Be prepared to play

Getting it up

Brazilian kiting attraction

I sold one of my surfboards to a buddy this week and realized that my interest in kite surfing has completely robbed me from my surfing time. Not that it is really a problem, but I always promised myself that I will surf until the day I cannot carry my board to the beach anymore...and I am still far from that. With my buddy now all excited about learning how to surf, I decided that this would be a good opportunity for me to go catch a few more waves myself. It is that little motivation one needs to face the cold water of the Atlantic in the mornings. What better way to do it with a friend. It still beats getting up for the gym in the morning. Anyway, so I decided that from now on I will be more prepared when I drive down to the beach. Not only will I have my kite surfing gear packed, but also my camera and my surfboard. 

Stunning way to spend the day

So yesterday I decided to take the day off. The weather prediction was a lovely sunny day with no wind. Cape Town does not have many of these days in summer, so what better time to do that. I got into my kombi and "being prepared" I loaded all three the previously mentioned items, hoping that I could at least get to use one of them. My money was on the surfing. As I was driving towards the beach I realized that the wind was starting to pick up. When I got to the beach there weren't much of a swell, but there were already guys (and girls) rigging up their kites. Wow, how nice was it to come prepared. I didn't waste any time and did exactly the same. After minutes I was in the water enjoying a very nice kite session with some other kitesurfers. After losing all feeling in my fingers I decided to get dressed and take some pictures instead. I took a couple but the KFC opposite the road was inviting me to have a "Streetwise Two", which I gladly accepted. I dropped the camera and got something to fill my empty stomach.

Lesson learned - when going to the beach, take all your toys along. You never know what Mother Nature is going to provide you to play with. I was prepared and hadn't it been for having my stuff with me, I could've missed a perfect kite surfing day.

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