Monday, December 6, 2010

As seen on TV

If you don't understand Afrikaans then this post will mean nothing to you. If you do understand then you will know what the difference is between "toerleier" en "toerlyer". On a program on Kyknet, one of South Africa's Afrikaans channels there is a program called "Op die rug van 'n ysterperd" (On the back of a motorcycle"). It's a program about a couple of guys who rode from South Africa to Tanzania on their motor bikes. At the end of the program they show the credits and instead of "tour leader", they misspelled it and wrote (when translated directly) "tour sufferer". The words are pronounced exactly the same, but has a completely different meaning when spelled incorrectly. I hope at least that the tour leader had some fun as well and wasn't suffering all the time......

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  1. Love these freudian slips! Hey and sometimes these two terms can be very closely associated - sometimes leading can be suffering! "Leiding vs Lyding"