Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carbon footprints

It's not really tradition in South Africa to decorate your whole house with Xmas lights during the Xmas season. Maybe a Christmas tree with some lights where Santa is suppose to leave the presents is common, but that is basically where it endst. Nowadays more and more people go overboard and decorate their whole house on the outside, and there are one or two neighbourhoods were this has turned into quite an attraction. With the nice summer weather we have over here it is rather a nice outing to go walk around in these neighbourhoods with the carnival atmosphere and the smell of braai hanging in the air. Fortunately I don't live in one of these neighbourhoods where people put Eskom already limited power supply to the test with all the kilowatts they are pulling. Since our year of power shedding we get warnings on our TV channels when the power usage is too high, with reminders to switch off geysers, appliances, etc....but obviously NOT the television sets. I think during december they should mention Xmas lights as well.

Anyway, I have had a look at some of these houses and they really do look good. Well, some of them more than others. In my quiet neighbourhood there are not many of these decorated houses, but my neighbour living 3 houses down from where I live is one of these electricity abusers that leaves carbon footprints bigger than what King Kong can do with beach sandals. To make matters worse, he went to the local newspapers (both of them) and managed to get a picture of his house on both front pages. All of a sudden I feel like a celebrity living on Hollywood Boulevard with cars lining up in my street to get a glimpse of this spectacle. I have no problem with that, but every night I think I have visitors only to be reminded by dozens of other cars that it is only the curious Capetonians coming to take pictures and wanting to be able to say "Oh, I've been there". Well, tonight I went outside to take a picture of the house myself seeing that all the other Capetonians are doing it. I struggled a bit with the flash and settings, but eventually got a snap which will give an idea of what the house looks like. Believe me, seeing it "live"is actually much prettier than the picture, but still. My other neighbour suggested putting up a hot dog stand, but I think putting up a barricade somewhere down the street might be a better idea...But then again, it is Xmas after all and what better time to live and let live than during this festive season.

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