Friday, December 17, 2010

Something smells fishy....

I drove past a farm stall today selling watermelon, sweetmellon....and "bokkoms". Bokkoms are dried "harders" (mullet), fish biltong, or dried fish for those who don't know what "biltong" is. It is usually only sold in the Western Cape and further up the West Coast where the conditions are better for drying out the fish. The problem with bokkoms is that they smell really bad. No, you don't understand, they smell really really bad. When I was living in a hostel at varsity somewhere close to Johannesburg my uncle send me bokkoms from the Cape. My roommate nearly moved to another hostel because ours was smelling like a fish factory...and we were 1400 kilometers from Cape Town. Today when I stopped to buy a watermelon and sweetmellons, I threw in a few bokkoms as well. I arrived at home and decided to hang them in the garage knowing that they not only attract a lot of flies and ants, but all the cats from the neighbourhood as well. My wife was working inside the house taking my sons wet swimming clothes from a bag and asked me why his clothes were smelling so bad because it has only been in there since the day before. Well, she didn't know about the bokkoms that was hanging behind the door. So tonight our house smells like fish, the cats are already moving in and I have to endure this smell until Monday when I am taking the bokkoms to my dad in Mossel bay.

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