Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Lighthouse

I was chatting to a Scottish friend of mine asking him when the sun will come out again in Sunderland so that I can take a few pictures. When I arrived in Sunderland on Saturday the sun was shining. I did take a walk on the beach with my camera, but you know what it is like in the UK when you take out a camera on a beach where there are children playing. It's worse than taking out an AK47 in Sandton. So I was a bit overly cautious and consequently never got the opportunity to take a picture of what would probably the biggest landmark in Sunderland. The lighthouse at the end of the pier which has been closed off to the public because the structure probably looks too shaky for the authorities who are scared of getting sued. As he was telling me that there was no chance of sun, the sun miraculously broke through the clouds and cast a weak light on the lighthouse. I grabbed my camera like an optimistic media photographer running after a skirmish between the police and UK rioters hoping to at last get a picture of the lighthouse who had been eluding me since my arrival.

In my rush I did not think of taking both lenses, so when I got to the beach I realized that the lighthouse was too far out to get a decent picture. Fortunately the sun held out for longer than the usual 10 minutes and it gave me an opportunity to go back and get my other lens. The pictures however was probably not worth it, but at least I got the picture and saw a bit of sun again.

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