Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breakfast Review - Eden Cafe

If all the kite surfers were praying for wind over the past couple of weeks, then this weekend all what they had asked for were delivered over two days. The wind this weekend was hectic, blowing people off their feet, braking tree branches and blowing all my neighbours' leaves in my swimming pool.  Saturday morning was still OK, although at around 9am the signs were already there that the wind was going to blow. That didn't stop me from having my usual breakfast on a weekend.

The location was Eden on the Bay where I just on the previous day experienced the holiday atmosphere that was going on in Cape Town while the rest of the Capetonians were unaware wasting their time at the office. The restaurant was Eden Cafe, right next to the Cabrinha kite surfing shop. The location is perfect, the view amazing and the food is good. I had no complaints about any of that. I walked in to get a menu to see their breakfasts and one cute waitress told me that their breakfasts are "the best in town". She had me convinced to stay put. There are quite a few other options as well if you want to try other restaurants, but I can only do one at a time so I was happy doing it there.

Just like Mugg & Bean, Eden Cafe also has a "Breakfast on the Go". At R28.50 a little bit more expensive than the one at M&B, but if you look at the location and atmosphere, I guess they have the right to add a rand or two. The wind was a bit chilly, and I am sure that when the southeastern is blowing full speed then this would not be the best place to have a meal. You might get sand in your teeth, but if it is the "chilly" that is worrying you, then don't fret, they provide little blankets.

The breakfast itself was good, cannot say anything bad with it. The service was good, waitrons friendly and the place was quite full for so early in the morning seeing that it only opens at 9. My son had a Smiley Breakfast which came from the Kiddies Menu. His breakfast at R22.50 was the same as mine, except that he had a viena sausage instead of bacon. As usual he filled himself with his juice and bread and I ended up eating his scrambleg eggs. I have to admit that the scrambled eggs tasted funny, like they've added flour or something to "extend" it. I get the impression a lot of restaurants add something to their scrambled eggs to make it more, 'cause when you ask for scrambled eggs instead of two fried eggs, you usually get much more than two eggs worth of egg on your plate. Anyway, that is just speculation at this point that needs further investigation.

But, all-in-all a very nice experience and definitely a place I'll visit again when the wind is not blowing and the holiday vibe has really kicked in.

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