Friday, November 25, 2011

Where to draw the line

Today was another awesome day in Cape Town. I put in a day's leave because I had some important issues to sort out before my next trip into Africa on Monday, like fixing my pool pump and sorting out my kite lines which has been left since I bought the kite. When I bought my Cabrinha Nomad earlier this year, I found that the lines where not the same lenght. Because I had another bar with lines, I kept on using that and never went back to have my lines sorted. Today was the day for fixing that problem, so I went to the Cabrinha shop at Eden On The Bay. 

When I arrived at Eden On The Bay, I could see that the holiday fever has already hit some people around Cape Town. The restaurants were full and girls in bikini's were distracting my thoughts as I was heading for the Cabrinha shop. I immediately thought "Camera!", but then realized that taking pictures of girls at my age is a I stayed focus and went on with my intended business. As usual the guys at the Cabrinha shop were very helpful. They looked at my lines and realized that some replacements will be needed. Because it was going to take a few minutes, they offered me a free coffee at Vida e Caffe which I couldn't refuse. As a matter of fact I would've bought my own coffee just to stay longer and watch the scenery. The beach vibe was just amazing.

When I returned to the Cabrinha shop Pongo was still working on my lines. I took the opportunity to watch what his was doing and asking him about his childhood and the meaning of his name. "Praises to the king", he said. After Pongo had finished with my lines I went to thank the guys at Cabrinha, took a few more shots with my phone and left to go check out the wind at Kite Beach. Although it was still windless the wind prediction looked good and I was hoping to have another session later today.

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