Friday, November 25, 2011

Nice Shots, Dear

(This post is dedicated to my wife who walked onto the beach today while being sandblasted by a 20 knot wind, nonchalantly lifted the camera, took about five shots and then left because the wind and sand was too bad. Still ending up with three nice shots of me kite surfing. Job well done.)

So, the story behind the pictures. When I went to the beach today after I had my lines fixed, I was still hoping of using my new lines and my new harness. When I reached the beach the wind was really getting strong and I knew that this was not the time for testing lines and harnesses and immediately took out my old trusted hardware. I was really looking for a nice session rather than struggling against hanging myself on a new waist harness. So, it was back to square one where my harness was concerned, but the aim today was to at least have a good session before I take the plane to Angola next week. Mission accomplished.

I think that after today will do the following. When the wind is gentle and I go out with my 10, then I will use my waist harness. When the wind is strong like today and I go out with the 7, then I will use my seat harness. In the meantime I will look for some protective wear that my wife can put on to protect her legs and my camera against the sandblasting. But all-in-all, today was just a great day.

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