Saturday, November 19, 2011

Surf's Up....not exactly

I have been surfing for nearly 30 years now and I realized the other day that I don't have ANY pictures of me actually surfing. I guess it is probably because I have no friends that have waterproof cameras or cameras with lenses long enough to reach the backline. This morning while having breakfast at a restaurant overlooking Blouberg Beach, I noticed that despite the waves being very small, that they are breaking close to the beach. Close enough to take a picture I thought. Knowing that I have a lens that might just make me visible on the picture, I decided to have a quick session and asked my wife to play photographer. She hates that job because she says I am never happy with the end results of anything she has taken in the past, but that is not entirely true. I have one or two pictures that she has taken of me that are good, but none of them in the water unfortunately. The waves on the other hand was not really picture quality waves either and the few times I managed to get up on the lazy ice cold waves, she was either running after my son on the beach or the wave had closed out before she could get the focus right. What she did manage to do though was to take a good picture of a perfectly executed duck dive which I might blow up and post on my wall some day. One might think that after 30 years of surfing that I could get a better wave than the one below, but sadly that is all the Atlantic Ocean had on offer today. But even though she might not think that I appreciate her efforts, at least I have one picture of me surfing and that means a lot. I think I will try Outer Pool in Mossel Bay next time, there she can sit on the rocks and fire away. Watch this space.

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  1. You need to give her the camera more often, you never mentioned this was probably the only time you actually managed to stay on the board !!

    I thinks shes a natural !!