Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breakfast Review - Voila!

It's not always easy doing a breakfast review when you were invited for breakfast by someone else. I mean, what would your host say if you decide that the breakfast sucked while you didn't even have to pay for it? So when my wife invited me this morning, I didn't take my camera with, but when she asked me where my camera was I knew I was free to speak my mind.

Voila! Restaurant is at The Cape Quarter is in Somerset Road, close to the Harley Davidson shop. That should already tell you that you won't find cheap surfer dudes like me hanging around there. It was indeed true, the people that frequent the square spend more money on their wardrobes than what I spend on Christmas shopping. The shops are quite trendy and if you want something for your house that no-one else in your street has, then this is the place to buy it. I didn't know what to expect on my plate, but I was sure that it would not be a breakfast for twenty bucks. Fortunately I wasn't paying.

When I open a menu I search for the cheapest breakfast first. If that is not "bacon and eggs" then I move my way up until I order something slightly more expensive or I leave the place to find a cheaper joint. Today I was sponsored so I stayed put. My bacon and eggs on the menu called the "Voila" breakfast, was a whopping  R56! Normally that would've been my cue to leave, but my wife guaranteed me that the food was good and you don't argue with your wife on an empty stomach.

My wife ordered scramble eggs for R55. Mon Cheri it is called, with "home made pesto, cherry tomatoes, spinach and feta". I could not figure out why it was only one rand cheaper than mine, with spinach and feta it should've been at least twenty-one rand cheaper. Someone who likes spinach and feta probably wouldn't agree with me, but what would the world be like if we agreed on everything?

When the meals arrived I was somewhat upset that my whole breakfast was covered under more rocket than what my tortoises at home could eat in 3 days. But, when I removed it to the side, I saw a reasonable good looking breakfast on Di Marshall's Wonky Ware plates, exactly the same as what we have at home. I took out my camera which prompted the waiter to indicate that he would take the group picture. I told him that I was taking a picture of the food and mentioned that I always take pictures of the food in case I need to show it to the doctor afterwards. He thoroughly enjoyed that one.

What did catch my eye on the Wonky ware plate though was the bacon, nice crispy strips and probably three portions larger than what I had received at Oona's a couple of weeks ago. The white toast was good, the eggs soft but not "easy over" as I have requested, and the single mushroom looked a bit sad.  I have to be honest, the breakfast wasn't bad at all, but I cannot see why a person has to pay R56 for that meal. Maybe for them to pay the rent, but definitely not because of its exquisite taste. But then again, how do you make bacon and eggs taste "exquisite"? My suggestion? Make it cheap and you will see me again. I will bring my wife with, she does  not mind paying R55 for spinach and feta. But R56 for a cheap skate like me? You will probably never see me again unless I am sponsored like I was today. I have to admit that I did leave with a full stomach and that I really liked the overall experience today. Go check it out, even if it is just to see how the real Capetonians with nice clothes and fancy hair styles look like.

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