Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aero Beach in Entebbe

It's referred to as "the beach" by the people from Kampala and even though the concept of a "beach" in the middle of a continent has never really made sense to me, I have to agree that it does have a beach feel to it. If you manage to look past the fresh water and the inability to ever get a good surf here, then you might as well enjoy the white sand next to the largest lake in Africa and have yourself a beach party here. 

Entebbe is about 70 kilometers from Kampala. They have a few beaches. My driver pronounces it in his Uganda English as "bitch". He asked me today: "Do you still have that picture when you and I were on the bitch?" I just smiled, I usually destroy incriminating evidence like that. The one where we were on the BEACH I do have, yes.

Today we went to Aero Beach. I thought it was called Aero Beach because it was probably the closest beach to the airport, but when we went through the gate it made more sense. Two huge aeroplanes are on the property. I asked whether they were brought there or if they missed the runway, but he wasn't sure. "They were from Idi Amin's time", he said to me.  I guess they missed the runway then.

The place looks a bit dilapidated, but I was told that this was one of the most popular beaches in Entebbe. Apparently on weekends it is so full that you cannot walk, I was glad it was in the middle of the week. We were hungry, so we decided to get something to eat. All they had on the menu for the day was Fish & Chips. The fish of course Tilapia fresh from the lake. The two meals plus four Cokes and pineapple rings for Desert cost us 24USD. I wonder if the locals eat here, it is quite expensive for them. I see however that on weekends they have a full menu, or maybe I just paid the Mzungu price. Nevertheless, the food was good.