Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don't let the bed bugs bite

I am staying in a rather fancy hotel in Kampala. I won't mention the name, but it is considered a good hotel by most visitors to Kampala who has stayed in it before. Moments ago I just returned from the office, so like usual when I am not staying in a hotel close to beach, I started up my laptop to catch up on more work before I go hunt for food. I heard  a knock on my door and opened it. A member of the hotel staff asked me politely "Can I spray your room sir?"

Yesterday the same actually happened, just a different man. Yesterday I turned him away and said I am fine. I am getting so used to mosquitoes now that I don't feel them biting any more, and besides, I didn't see any other creepy crawlies in my room either. I just keep praying that the mosquitoes don't carry that deadly Malaria virus and then I'm fine.

The gentleman, armed with a spray can of insect repellent, walked in while I was waiting for him to ask me to leave or to cover my face before he started spraying the room. But instead he walked up to my bed, took off the bed cover and sprayed my BED!!! I just sat there in total surprise watching him. WTF? Does he know something that I don't?

Now this is the good part of the story. Last night as I was sleeping I felt all these little itchy bits on my legs and my back. I switched on the light but couldn't see anything. I checked for mosquitoes but they don't usually bite under the covers. This morning I checked for bite marks but there was nothing really alarming, just the marks where I scratched myself last night. Now this happened?

So I am sitting here looking at my bed and asking myself..."Where are you sleeping tonight, IN the bed, ON the bed or NEXT TO the bed?"

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