Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Boda-boda Utility Vehicle

A friend of mine noticed in a picture in one of my previous posts the lane splitting abilities of the Ugandan bikers.  I mentioned to him that they are called "boda-bodas" in Uganda and that they are kamikaze pilots with exceptional biking skills. He then posted the picture on the Wild Dogs biking forum. These boda-bodas are like mosquitoes in traffic, but they actually hardly interfere with the flow of traffic. As a matter of fact they are the only ones flowing, and they seem to be the ultimate solution to heavy traffic problems. So I decided to take some pictures of these boda-bodas because there doesn't seem to be any rules when using them. Unfortunately I waited too long, because I took these on my way to the airport. I have seen so many funny uses for these bikes over the past week, especially on my trip to Packwach, but never took pictures. Goats, television sets, 5 people (Mom, Dad, 2 babies and the driver), chickens, dining room tables, mirrors, anything you can think of.  I will for sure take more on my next trip, and even do a test ride to report back. Here are a few that I took this afternoon...

 Timba Boda

Big Bagger Boda

Meat Me Boda

Boda Classic

School's Out Boda

Wacky Waste Boda

School's Out Boda

The Coal Train

Family Friend Boda

Classic Utility Boda

Water Car Boda

The 1-Tonner Boda

Crate Mate Boda

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  1. Awesome. If I could just get half of that on my F800GS - LOL!