Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One man's trash is another's treasure

The environmentalists and aestheticians might be up in arms over the stranded Seli 1 at Kite Beach. Some claim that it "contaminates" the beautiful view of Table Mountain. Even though most surfer's are usually also very aware of the protection of the environment and coastlines, as much as the beauty thereof, they cannot deny that the Seli 1 is bringing them more pleasure than pain at the moment. For a spot where surfing was never really done due to the inconsistency of waves and the poor shape of the waves, for a day where the rest of the ocean was for all practical reasons unsurfable, this was not too bad. This has also become a favourite spot for SUP's (stand up paddle boards). Behind the protection of the ship they can basically paddle in without having to dodge any waves and then just move over to the side where they can catch some really long mellow rides.

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  1. Where have the recipies gone, we liked them, have they moved.