Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aim to Please

I am not going to get into the habit of taking pictures of urinals for sure, but I read about the flies in the urinals at Schiphol and how it decrease the chances of missing the pot. Apparently research shows that these flies that are embedded in the porcelain increase the chance of hitting the spot by 80%. I am not sure how these tests were done, probably by counting the drops on the floor at the end of each day, but I know that it is always nice to have things to aim at. I think most men will agree that aiming at something adds to the fun of answering nature's call, and I am already teaching my 3-year old son to aim properly. I think it is because men just are born with that hunter's instinct, and besides, there will always be a boy who likes to play left in every man. I wonder who was the inventor of this, but I think if the statistics could be trusted then he was quite a genius.

In Africa we also have this. The only difference here is that the insects we aim at are usually still alive....


  1. Next time you are in Schipol, look for the little candles with the little flame you have to aim at, same principle, they make you pee in a straight line, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you put a fire out.

  2. Yes I will, I need to know that I have "killed" something with my "perfect aim".