Sunday, July 4, 2010

Going Dutch in Haarlem

I had the privilege of spending three days in Amsterdam. The problem with being in Amsterdam is that you cannot really write about the place without people either thinking your are not used to anything, or that you are on the wrong track. If you are not into smoking pot or sex-on-the-go, then all that is left are bicycles, trams and windmills. Besides, of you ARE into some of the activities above then a blog is not a place where you would want to advertise it to the world in any case. Fortunately for me I had something else that I could experience that the average tourist don't usually see when they go to Holland ...Dutch football fans when they beat Brazil.

I was in Amsterdam for the morning and decided to head back to Haarlem before the game started. I didn't want to get stuck on crowded trains with intoxicated supporters on my way back after the game, so instead I chose to be walking distance from where I could take shelter should things run out of control. The sounds of vuvuzelas was everywhere and needless to say, after the match it was a party of gigantic proportions. I had a couple of beers to share in the excitement, but I am sure some supporters made up for what I didn't drink. The orange array of flags, t-shirts and whatever they could find to show their support really lid up the area, and the party went on for hours after the game ended. A friend of mine that happened to be in Haarlem at the time suggested that we stay around for dinner, but we eventually agreed that it would be better to find a place where it is quieter. Footballs were being kicked up recklessly into the air and the chance of finding one on your plate was too much of a possibility. I wonder what it would've been liked if Holland didn't go through, but I am glad that I could experience the excitement of the Dutch Football Fans while I was there. So, they have my support for their next game for sure.

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