Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cape Garden Wild Life

I don't know if you can call it wild life, but I am sure if it does not feed from your hand then it is not domestic either. I was walking in my garden when I saw these "garden animals" and tried to take a picture or two. The reason why I say "tried" is because the results weren't what I was expecting. It was rather difficult to get the focus right and the birds (Cape White-eyes) don't seem to sit a round long enough to allow me to try more than once. The chameleon (Cape Dwarf Chameleon) on the other hand was surprizingly more accomodating, but even here I struggled to get the whole area of his rough skin in focus. See if you can spot him in the third picture.

Cape White-eyes acting like Love Birds
Soaking up the lazy Cape sun
Spot the master of camouflage

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  1. V Good, they are really nice pictures.