Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've got the power

A few months ago I wrote about my amber headlight that saved me a lot of money after a friend's suggestion to make my own. After figuring out that my Nokia XpressMusic is not only a phone, but can also function as a GPS and a mp3-player at the same time , I actually saw the benefit of using it as such. The problem with talking on the phone and listening to your favourite song while a guy with a really boring voice tells you to turn left at the next intersection, is that all this uses a lot of energy. Something my Nokia XpressMusic does not really have unless I keep charging it. So, to solve my problem I had to find a charger to do all of this on my bike. The F800GS, like many other bikes, come with a built-in power socket, but a smaller size than the common cigarette lighter you find in most cars. Finding a power plug which converts to a cigarette lighter socket was my mission for the day. After consulting the BMW website I received a couple of suggestions. This morning I went to the first shop on my list that I thought would be the one, but similar to the shock I got when I asked for the amber light cover, I had to sit down for a while to recover after hearing what it costs. Fortunately someone else suggested I make my own, which I did. This did not only save me about R250, but it also motivates me to try and make all my bike gadgets myself. Instead of feeling down because of spending money, I feel rather good now knowing that I made it myself and it is actually working. Now I can hit the road while listening to a man with a boring voice and my favourite song at the same time...

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