Monday, February 28, 2011

Breakfast Review - Arnolds on Kloof

On Kloof Street
Just when I decided that I am not going to review "budget" breakfasts anymore, then someone suggests that I go check out a restaurant which not only has a "budget breakfast" on its menu, but also turns out to be a very nice place. I am so excited because I now get people suggesting restaurants which obvioulsy introduces me to new places where I probably never would've gone on my own. Finding the time though is going to be a problem, but I will have to create a list and then do them as I get the time. So, Sunday morning I went to Arnolds on Kloof. Situated in another beautiful part of Cape Town (unfortunately I hardly ever go there) on Kloof Street, I was rather intrigued by the atmosphere and the amount of tourists that was walking around there as well. The morning however for me did not start out that well.....

View of Table Mountain
I put the coordinates on my GPS (even though I knew exactly where to find it) and decided to stick to the "GPS route". On quiet days like Sunday mornings I sometimes do this just to see where the GPS takes me. Sometimes you find new streets and nice shops where you would not have driven if you were heading straight for your destination on the well-known roads. Well, the GPS wanted to take me via Long Street, but unfortunately part of Long Street was used for a film shoot and I had to turn around twice. This was peeving me off a bit, but by the third time the GPS took me back to Long Street we found the top section that was not closed off. Unfortunately some skateboarders deciced that this was the morning to do their skate down Long Street against the traffic and against all authority. You know the "rebel with no cause" attitude that some skaters and surfers believe they have to have even though they have nothing to rebel against? Well, I guess that was their aim. Anyway, I absolutely have NO problems with skateboarders going against traffic (being one myself), but I have to admit it was a bit dangerous considering that the road was not cordoned off and there were little kids on skateboard that could hardly walk, let alone skate. Facing oncoming traffic is not such a good idea when that is the case, but fortunately it was early on a Sunday morning and the fastest thing that came from the front was me and another elderly dude on a scooter. Anyway, by the time we got to Arnolds I was already a bit irritated with my GPS and all the obstacles I had to face on an early Sunday morning ride. I found parking after some obnoxious dude eventually realized what my intentions were and eventually stepped out of the only parking spot that was available. When we entered the restaurant, the second bit of bad news hit us. There was no electricity.

"World Peace" by Chocolate
Well, I came all the way and decided that I will have whatever they can make without the help of Eskom. Besides, I can do a lot on gas when I camp, I was pretty sure that they could achieve similar results on their gas stoves. My son however wasn't very happy after his first three  "healthy" choices all turned out to be "Eskom-dependant", so he cleverly grabbed the opportunity and shamelessly demanded a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast. My wife and I had no other option than to grant him his wish (just for the sake of keeping the peace). She went for a healthy fruit and muesli breakfast just to counter-balance on his unhealthy meal. I couldn't care less and ordered the budget "Mike's Breakfast" for R22-00. I couldn't get toast, but for the rest the breakfast was all well prepared on their gas stove. I had to drink instant coffee too, but that was really not a problem for me at all.

Even sausages. Eggs perfectly done
The healthy breakfast option
So, will I go there again? Yes, for sure, but I am leaving my son at home. The place is definitely not child friendly, but the waiters are very friendly towards children. Parents appreciate that but somehow children find appreciation only in things that can keep them interested and occupied, like playgrounds and jungle gyms..and sometimes the occational chocolate cake for breakfast. Driving there would be too far from where I live, but if I was living in that area I probably would've been there every morning...even if it was just for a cup of coffee. They really put effort in to serve us despite the electricity crisis (which turned out to be a local problem and not an Eskom problem), and overall for R22-00, it is a must. They even have a half-price option during the week, but only for 15 minutes before 7. Definitely an option for the early-birders like me...but the ones that are fortunate enough to live in that area of course. Go give it a try.

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