Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do it just because you can

Have you ever done something just because you can? Not that you have a need or anything to do it, but just because you are in a position to do it. Like kicking the dog for no reason. Ok, maybe not the best example. What about finishing your desert before your main meal just because no-one can really tell you at 43 what do anymore? Well, today I did something just because I could. I had to go to town to deliver my passport for yet another visa application. Instead of heading straight back, I decided to do it via a scenic route. Not that I had the need to do it, I did it just because I could. I had time on my hand, had no issues with traffic on my bike, the weather was great...and most of all, I found myself in Cape Town. So, I took a ride back via Camps Bay. What an awesome day it is out there. I didn't have any of my cameras with me, just my cell phone, but I managed to get one of two relatively descent pictures of Camps Bay. Sometimes we need to aknowledge the fact that we have so many privileges and just make use of them because we can. I did today and wow, what a feeling....

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