Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wish it was my story....

A friend of mine from Cape Town just recently bought a F800GS in Johannesburg and had to ride it down to Cape Town. I volunteered to go fetch the bike for him, but knowing that I wouldv'e prefered to ride my own bike down to Cape Town I didn't feel much offended at all when he told me he already made plans to fly up to Johannesburg. On his way down he send some pictures with short comments. I am sure he will have no problem if I publish some of his pictures. I am sure he will comment and give us an update of where he was, what he saw...and how he survived all the thunderstorms along the way. I wish it was my story to tell.....

Stopping at the Vaal River that is in flood at the moment
Rain pouring down in Kimberley

Local transport across the Orange River

Apparently the best place to buy "vellies", Clanwilliam

Irrigation canals, have no idea where but the place could do with some water

Nieuwoudt Pass? I thought it was a gravel pass?

Calvinia, not a big town

My favourite picture...thunder storm approaching!

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  1. Thanks for this posting Manie. It was one of the best experiences of my life! A trip to the Northern Cape is a must. On this trip I realized how diverse South Africa really is. One can almost get a feeling about the people living there by just travelling through the regions.