Saturday, February 12, 2011

Calamari Run

We all know about breakfast runs, but have you ever done the Calamari Run? A friend of mine suggested an afternoon bike ride to Hout Bay to go get a beer and to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. The fact that I was in Hout Bay just the day before didn't deter me from heading that way again. We invited another bike buddy to join us and at around 15:45 we headed for Hout Bay. We rode through Camps Bay that was as usual cooking with beach goers and other filthy rich people sipping cocktails in fancy overpriced restaurants. The summer vibe is just awesome there, but we didn't stop to smell the suntan lotion and after negotiating the Camps Bay traffic we were on our way past Landudno towards Hout Bay. At Hout Bay we wanted to have a beer, but when we stopped at Mariner's Wharf the smell of calamari and chips was just too much to resist. We settled for two portion of calamari and a large chips...and of course an ice cold beer each. Yeah, we only had one beer each. I have noticed that after more than one beer my bike automatically veers to the left, just like a car with faulty wheel alignment. Needless to say this could have detrimental consequences if not controlled properly. The traffic between Hout Bay and Sea Point is rather hectic on weekends, but we decided to take that same route back just because we don't have get stuck behind Cape Town's open top bus that stops every 2 minutes to drop and/or collect tourist. We parted ways at around 6:55, each one heading back home where our lovely wives were waiting and happy for us that we could have so much fun with so little effort. Next time we will take them along on the "Calamari Run". Any volunteers to babysit 5 boys...?

Our 3 GSs standing in front of Mariner's Wharf.

Three bikes enjoying the view over the bay of Hout Bay.

A post card scene from Hout Bay harbour.

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