Friday, February 25, 2011

Breakfast Review - Driftwoods

I've been wanting to post this one for a while now, but going to Tanzania shifted my interests a little bit.  The place is called Driftwoods and it is situated behind the Superplants in Parklands. You have to go early over weekends though because the Outrider's Bicycle Club also makes use of this restaurant for breakfast after their morning bike rides. With the Argus coming up, you can imagine that everyone who can stay on top of a bicycle is practicing and what better way to end a tough work-out than with a breakfast. If men in tights put you off, then eat before they arrive or stay away.

I don't think the restaurant can brag about their view, but they have done a bit to create a nice outdoorish atmosphere with a little pond, complete with ducks and some rather arrogant geese. There are even two hammocks for those who can eat while lying down. This obviously interests the kids a lot, but they usually end up face first in the dirt after dicovering that hammacks are beds without legs. So watch your child. But, they have made up for this by having one of the nicest wooden jungle gyms I have seen so far. Quite a sturdy gym with nice climbing ropes, swings, etc. This gives the mommies and daddies plenty of time to enjoy their breakfasts in peace and quiet.

I was a bit disppointed that there weren't really anything on the menu for kids in the line of breakfast, even though they do have a kiddie's menu. The only item that interested my son was a hotdog with chips, and it was rather expensive for what we've got. He would've prefered scramble eggs on toast. He obviously finished the chips first and then said he is not hungry anymore. At thirty odd Rands it was a bit expensive for my liking. The breakfast menu looked good, but even here I think it was a bit too pricey. I went for the Traditional Breakfast at R55 which has a beef sausage and mushrooms additional to what I usually expect from a breakfast. I have to say that it was after-all quite a nice breakfast and I really enjoyed it, despite the price. A friend of mine had the Farmer's Omelet and she couldn't finish it. I gladly asisted. Also not a bad choice if you want a "healthier" option.

Overall not a bad place, with the jungle gym very nice for kids. If you need to feed them, give them a sandwich at home before you come, or give them some of your omelete. Don't get the hotdog and chips. They would just want to play in any case. When the men in tights arrived service somehow came to a halt, but fortunately at that time all we still wanted was a coffee refill. The kids were really enjoying themselves on the jungle gym and we asked for "doggy bags" for their food.

I think in future I am not going to score the places anymore, seeing that I am not doing only budget breakfasts anymore and seeing that my list is getting very long now. From now on I will only say whether I will return to the place or not. I will definitely return to Driftwoods for breakfast again, but only after I ran out of other restaurants to review.

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