Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mbalamwezi Beach, Dar-Es-Salaam

I recently met a pleasant guy from Italy that was on vacation in Cape Town. We had a chat and he told me that he has a restaurant in Italy right on the beach. I have been to Italy before and I have seen these little restaurants with the sun chairs all in rows. I think if I can ever get my own restaurant on the beach, it would probably be the closest I would ever get to my dream of "living on the beach". I am in Tanzania at the moment, Dar-Es-Salaam to be more exact. Unfortunately for business and not pleasure only. Tanzania, with Zanzibar not far away is a popular holiday destination with some awesome beaches. We have an office in Dar-Es-Salaam, not far from the beach. Today I was taken to a little restaurant on the beach. What a setting. We had a Coke and spend a few minutes on the beach before we headed back to the office. What a dream place to have a restaurant. I was actually quite surprized to see how cheap the cold drinks were, compared to what I pay in the hotel. What does a person need to have a restaurant like this on the beach? What do you have to sacrifice to have this? And would it really be a sacrifice at all? If you ever come to Dar, try  Malaika Restaurant on Mbalamwezi beach.....

Welcome to Malaika's

I have no idea how accurate this it, but it definitely contributes to the atmosphere...

These Dhow sailboats are only part of the decorations, but they are very common on the east coast of Africa.

What a place to enjoy an ice cold Coke. Keep in the shade, it was definitey way above 40 degrees outside.


  1. Enjoy! See that you are drinking local ice. Are you immune, or is it safe to drink Tanzanian tap water?

  2. Negative and negative. Believing that it is in fact filtered water as they always say, not straight from the tap. I always drink ice in my cool drinks, never had problems. Touch wood....